Auraphyt - Weight loss clinic
Auraphyt - Weight loss clinic
Auraphyt - Weight Loss Clinic - Natural products
Auraphyt - Weigh loss clinic
Auraphyt - Weight loss clinic
Auraphyt - Weight loss clinic
Auraphyt - Weight loss clinic
Auraphyt - Weight loss clinic
Auraphyt - Weight loss clinic
Auraphyt - Weight loss clinic
Auraphyt - Weight loss clinic


Protein Diet -
Protein Diet -
Protein Diet -
Auraphyt - Weight Loss Clinic - Natural products
AURAPHYT offers you a complete range of very powerful natural products custom-made for your family needs. This range of products was develop by scientific studies which attest the efficacy of the various plants detected in our products.


  Auraphyt - Weight Loss Clinic - Natural products  
Our infusions are made of aromatic plants or herbs that are usually taken hot. These herbal teas have the virtues to alleviating, digestive, tonic and curative.
Protein Diet -

Loose Weigh and learn how to never
gain it back !

Inovacure can help you rediscover both your body and your smile!
The treatment recommended by doctors!

Inovacure is a line of protein supplements in 25 different flavors using only the best quality proteins that come from milk, egg and soy. This makes our products perfectly balanced with a high concentration of essential amino acids. Packaged in a 14-days weight loss treatment or individual boxes that include 7 pouches per box

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The 14-day slimming treatment includes:
42 protein pouches*
7 pouches of chicken & noodle flavoured soup
7 pouches of chicken flavoured soup
6 pouches of chocolate flavoured pudding
6 pouches of maple-brown sugar flavoured oatmeal
6 pouches of tropical fruit beverage
7 pouches of hot cocoa beverage
3 pouches of spaghettini mix with
     bolognaise flavoured soy chunks

14 Hyper protein bars*
7 Hazelnut flavoured bars
7 Wildberry flavoured bars

Vitamins and minerals

1 "My Guide" booklet to help you
     on your 14-day treatment

* each serving contains
   15g of proteins

Products Listing

Individual box with 7 pouches

Hot chocolate drink Cold tropical fruit drink
Maple and brown sugar Chiken noodle soup
Bacon and cheese omelette Chocolate pudding
Plain pancake with syrup  
Hazelnut bars Wildberry bars

No other treatment offers as many benefits !

Quick weight loss

One of the main benefits of the Inovacure method is that it promotes fast weight-loss; 5 to 9 pounds (2 to 4 kilos) during the first week, and 3 to 5 pounds (1.5 to 2 kilos) in subsequent weeks. Even during the first few days, there is a noticeable slimming of the waistline; and the more our clients lose weight, the greater their motivation becomes.

Suppresses appetite

When it burns, fat releases energetic substances in the body that will eliminate hunger pangs for some 48 hours. This is a benefit that is greatly appreciated.

Slims down in the right places

Thanks to its high-quality proteins, the Inovacure method promotes a rapid slimming of the body. Clients notice a significant reduction in their waistline, hips, rear end and thighs. As well, cellulite is substantially eliminated. Finally! The diet every woman dreams of !

Promotes healthy skin

With Inovacure, your skin becomes supple and silky, with the high-quality proteins helping to protect it from sagging.

Protects your muscles

Once again, thanks to its high-quality proteins, Inovacure offers complete protection to the muscles. Unlike many diets that actually lead to muscular breakdown, our treatment promotes healthy muscles. Above all else, our method burns fat while protecting muscles.

A energy boost

When fat burns, it releases energetic substances into the body that boost a person’s energy levels.